Residential Lock Services

Residential Lock Services

North Shore Locksmiths can provide you with the security measures you need to keep out unwanted intruders. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have quality locks installed to the doors and windows of your home. A burglar will always look for an easy entry point into a property. By simply having deadlocks installed to the doors and windows of your home you will greatly reduce the opportunity an intruder will be given. It’s also nice to know that once we finish an installation at your property we pride ourselves in leaving your home as we found it; we clean up our own mess.

If you lose your keys or have them stolen, the best security measure you can take is to have your existing locks ‘re-keyed’. This is a cheaper alternative to replacing your locks. Re-keying your locks will mean that any existing keys that have been misplaced will no longer work, giving you the peace of mind that any unwanted callers cannot breach the security of your property.

Should you ever find yourself locked out of your home (which can happen to anyone at any time), we can gain access to your property with the use of professional locksmithing tools. It can often be a frustrating and inconvenient situation to find yourself in, but we will do our best to arrive in the shortest amount of time possible, in order to get you back inside.

If you have any concerns about how safe your family and possessions are but are uncertain what may be required to ensure your home is protected, please feel free to contact us for a free home security evaluation.

As we prefer to assist you with our expertise in locks, we are unable to give advice on house alarms. However, please feel free to follow this link to Cole Security for expert advice on this facet of home security.

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