Commercial Lock Services

Commercial Lock Services

North Shore Locksmiths are able to provide security solutions for your business premises. Whether this be the installation of additional locks to your doors and windows, or simply re-keying existing locks to nullify unwanted entry by previous key-holders, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs. Deadbolts, safety stays or digital mechanical keypad locks are just some of the hardware we can install to enhance the security of your business.

A cost-effective way of controlling the keys to your property is to have installed a Restricted Key system. As members of the New Zealand Locksmiths Association we have access to the NZ2 Restricted Security Key profile. Once your Restricted Key system is in place, only North Shore Locksmiths can produce additional copies of your keys, and only with permission from the authorised signatories you assign to your system. Other locksmiths or key-cutters will not be able to copy the keys to your premises. This means that when a member of your staff returns the key at the end of their tenure you can be sure it is the only one that has been in their possession. Each Restricted Key is stamped with a serial number so you can track which employee has which key assigned to them.

Master-keying of your premises is also achievable, for both Restricted and non-Restricted keys. If you have multiple locks that accept the same key profile then it is possible to create a master-key system, allowing higher-rank keys to open multiple doors and lower-rank keys to operate individual doors. This can reduce the number of keys each person requires to access different parts of your premises. Ultimately, each person could effectively need only the one key.

In addition to locks and keys, we can also install hydraulic door-closers which allow control of doors that may require automatic closure, for instance fire doors or staff-only accessed doors.

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